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Post Construction Cleaning

We provide post construction cleaning to prepare your facility for use after remodeling or new construction. After construction your space will be a mess, but we are equipped to clean it to meet your standards. Construction leaves behind a great deal of dust that can contaminate the air quality and affect the health of occupants. Leave the dirty work to us; we possess the equipment and skills to get your space ready for you, your personnel and your visitors. Our construction cleaning services include:

  • A thorough cleaning of all surfaces

  • Removing dust, dirt, debris left behind on counters, windows, fixtures, and anywhere else dust may fall

  • Removing stickers from windows, appliances, and toilets, tubs, sinks, etc..

  • Extensive vacuuming

  • Sanitizing kitchens and restrooms

  • Floor cleaning, waxing, etc..

Event Cleaning

We also provide event cleaning services. Whether the event is at your home, office or event center, we will take care of the clean up and make sure the space is ready for the next day. The last thing you want to worry about after a special event is cleaning. Each service is customized depending of the needs of the client and size of the event. We provide services for weddings, corporate events, birthday parties and more. Our event cleaning services include:

  • Complete interior dusting

  • Restrooms cleaned and sanitized

  • All hard floors swept, vacuumed and mopped

  • Vacuum all carpets

  • Kitchen clean up and sanitizing (including inside/outside microwave)

  • All trash and debris removed

Window Cleaners
Commercial Cleaning

We are not your typical commercial cleaning company. Most cleaning companies, focus only on cleaning and not on the long term effects of using harsh chemicals. Our cleaning products are eco-friendly to reduce the toxins being released both in the air and in your office. Our experience in janitorial services will significantly improve the overall appearance and cleanliness of the office or building as well as providing a safe non-toxic environment for your customers and employees. Our commercial cleaning services include:

  • Cleaning of offices, conference rooms, break rooms, restrooms, kitchens, etc…

  • Dusting of window sills, artwork and baseboards

  • Arranging furniture and magazines

  • Wipe down drinking fountains

  • Cleaning Entrance glass

  • Cleaning light switches & doors

  • Vacuuming carpets & hard floors

  • Damp mop hard floors

  • Remove trash & replace liner

  • Clean counter, cabinet faces and sink

  • Wipe down exterior of all appliances

  • Clean, disinfect and deodorize all fixtures

  • Mirrors, counters & sink

  • Clean and disinfect inside/outside toilet bowl and urinals

  • Refill soap dispensers, towel dispensers, toilet paper

*Optional services are provided at an additional charge and require advance notice. Please call for pricing.​

Move In/Out Cleaning

Our Move-in/Move-out cleanings cover everything in your home or apartment. This type of cleaning really gets deep into places typically not covered in regular maintenance cleanings. We will clean the inside of all appliances and cabinets including inside oven, detailed cleaning of all baseboards, exhaust & ceiling vents, light fixtures, windows, balconies, A/C closets, and more. We have a lot of knowledge of which products to use and where to use them. Our move in/out cleaning services includes:

  • Thorough dusting of all areas

  • Wet wipe light fixtures & ceiling fans

  • Vacuum ceiling/wall vents

  • Clean mirrors and glass surfaces

  • Wet wipe doors, moldings & baseboards

  • Clean interior patio/sliding glass doors & tracks

  • Dust blinds

  • Window sills

  • Clean & disinfect switch plates

  • Remove all trash

  • Vacuum carpets and hard floors

  • Damp mop hard floors

  • Clean countertops and backsplash

  • Inside/outside of all appliances

  • Stove top, oven door and range hood

  • Clean inside/outside cabinets & drawers

  • Sink, faucet and drain

  • Inside window over sink & sill

  • Polish all stainless steel

  • Clean and disinfect shower, tub and walls

  • Disinfect toilet inside and out

  • Clean shower door glass and tracks

  • Sweep floor

  • Clean exterior patio/sliding glass doors & tracks

  • Wipe down railings

Moving Boxes
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